Why didn't the article I select from the library copy to my blog?

            There are a couple reasons an article may not have copied to your blog.

            The article you selected may have already been copied to your blog. The iPressGo platform will not allow duplicates of articles into your iPressGo hosted blog. Check to see if the article has been brought into your blog as a draft already or published. Also check to see if the article you selected has already been copied to your blog and then placed in the trash. If the article is still in the trash area of your blog, you should restore the post or delete the post and try to select it again from the Content Library. 

            If you are NOT hosting your blog with iPressGo and you ARE using the suggested Plug-In to copy articles to your own blog, click the button within the suggested plug-in to initiate a new check for articles. The plug-in is set to check for new articles every X minutes. If you would like to see your article selection copied immediately, you will need to initiate a new check rather than wait for the plug-in to check for articles according to your configured settings.
            Updated: 10 May 2018 04:17 AM
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