How does the Setup process work for iPressGo Content Plans?

            Getting setup with an iPressGo Content Plan includes setting up your new blog, configuring your new Campaigner account and creating your custom email template. Note that each of these steps is optional. If you already have an email template, email marketing platform and/or blog, you are not required to use these benefits included with your iPressGo Content Plan. If you already have a WordPress powered blog you plan to use, considering installing the iPressGo WordPress plug-in, Copy Post, to easily duplicate articles from the iPressGo Content Library onto your own WordPress blog.

            If you do not already have a blog, iPressGo will configure and style a blog for you. To begin, we will ask for your logo. We will also need feedback from you regarding the preferred layout of your blog. Here are three example layouts which can be styled with your logo, fonts and colors:,, Once we have customized a blog for you, we will provide DNS configuration instructions for you to point a sub-domain on your domain name server to iPressGo servers so that your blog is publicly visible at your own domain. (Example: This will require the login credentials at your domain registrar, such as GoDaddy. Once your blog is publicly visible on your domain, you may also want to include links to your blog within your website sitemap and navigation menus.

            If you do not already have an email marketing solution in place, iPressGo will configure a new account for you with and provide all necessary support and training. To setup your new Campaigner account, you will need your email contact list in CSV or XLS format to import contacts. In addition to importing your contacts, it is optional to integrate a newsletter signup form for your email newsletter onto your website. If you would like to add a newsletter signup box, you will need admin access to your website so that a code snippet can be inserted within the proper pages.

            To complete your Campaigner account setup, iPressGo will import your custom email template designed to match your company website and blog. The email template will be made modular so that the layout is easily adjustable. Your email template will also be made responsive so that it provides an optimized mobile experience for smaller screens. An optional code snippet within your email template will automatically merge summaries of your recent blog articles into your email via RSS.

            What you will need: 

            A high resolution or vectorized logo file (PSD, JPG, GIF, PNG, AI)
            Your Domain Registrar Login Credentials
            Your email contact list (CSV, XLS)
            Your Website Login Credentials 

            Updated: 16 May 2018 03:05 AM
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