How do I import contacts into my Campaigner account?

            First, login to your Campaigner account here:

            Next, from the Dashboard of your account, click the Add Contacts button. 

            The import process is a three step process in which you will: 1. upload your file 2. map your data columns and 3. associate contacts with mailing list(s)

            1. Upload Your File: Start by choosing your file from your computer. The suggested file format is CSV or XLS.

            2. Map Data Columns: Once you have uploaded your file, you will need to map your data columns so that the system knows where to place your file data within your email marketing database. Look at the data preview from your file and select the proper database fields from the drop-downs in each data column to map file fields to database fields. Note that on step two of the import process, there is a Advanced Options link. Click this link to adjust your import settings further. By default, your import will add new contacts and update existing contacts based on email address. For example, if already exists in your database however there is a different last name in the file you are importing, the last name field in your email marketing database (for Jane) will be overwritten with the value of the last name field in your file. If you would rather not update existing contacts you can choose to change your import type to ADD ONLY.

            3. Associate Mailing Lists: Once you have mapped your files and configured your import, you will need to specify which Mailing List(s) your contacts should be associated with. Mailing Lists are the lists of contacts in your that you will select to target when sending email campaigns. You might have a Mailing List for customers only and a separate Mailing List for everyone. Contacts can be on more than one Mailing List at a time and can choose to remove themselves from Mailing Lists by clicking on the remove link of your emails. Once you have chosen the proper Mailing Lists, finalize your import by clicking the Import button.

            Your import may take 5 minutes or longer to complete depending on file size. To check on the status of your import, go to the Message Center by clicking on the bell icon in the top right of the Campaigner system when logged in. At the Message Center, you will see a notification when your import is complete which details how many contacts were added, updated, etc.
            Updated: 15 May 2018 05:16 AM
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