How Do I Select Articles?

How Do I Select Articles?

Visit to select articles. Use the form on the right side of the page (or the bottom of the page on mobile devices) to make your article selections. You may select articles by Title from the dropdown. You may select more than one article at a time using the plus sign icon to add more articles to your request. Once your request is received, iPressGo instantly duplicates the articles into your blog and/or RSS feed as published, draft or scheduled based on your selections for each article.

To find your duplicated articles, navigate to your own blog's Dashboard:

1. My Blog is hosted with iPressGo:

If your blog is hosted with iPressGo, locate the My Sites menu dropdown at top left and go to your blog's name and from the pop-out menu select Dashboard.

2. My Blog is not hosted with iPressGo:

If your blog is not hosted with iPressGo, your iPressGo account with be configured to publish your selections to your iPressGo RSS feed immediately. If using the suggested Plug-In, locate your new blog posts by logging into your blog. If you would like to see the post(s) immediately, click the button within the suggested Plug-In to initiate a check for new articles. Because the Plug-In will be configured to check for new posts X times per day, this is only required to view or edits posts immediately after selection for iPressGo customers hosting their blog elsewhere AND using the suggested Plug-In. 
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